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Northerners advised to bridge education gap

The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the Northwest University, Kano, Professor Umar Labdo has called on people in the North to bridge the existing gap between the region and the South in the area of education.

The gap, according to him, was created during the colonial era. Labdo, in a paper he presented titled, ‘The Arab spring, Islamist Rise to Power and the Secularists Reaction: an Exposition of the Egyptian Experience,’ said the fear of being converted to Christianity by the colonial masters prevented Muslims in the North from allowing their children to enrol in the Western schools.
He said the North should not be blamed for the existing educational gap between the region and other sections of the country, as it was something that was borne out of foresight by the Muslims North at that material time.
“This perhaps, explains the Northern Nigerian Muslims total rejection of Western education at its first introduction as they understood it to be a shortcut to Christianity,” he said, adding however that “But it is time for that gap to be bridged, since education has been freed from the suffocating hold of the missionaries long ago.”
The dean decried the outright marginalization of the traditional Islamic and Qur’anic teachers by governments which he said was started deliberately by the colonial masters, saying such trend must not be continued as they also contributed in imparting knowledge to the Nigerian populace.

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