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Why I am venturing into filmmaking – Xtranger

Efe Tawiyah, also known as Xtranger, made name as an Abuja based musician. In this brief encounter, he explains why he is pursuing new challenges in the filmmaking industry.
Weekend Magazine:  What have you been up to lately?

Xtranger: I have just ventured into the filmmaking industry. I am really out to make a dynamic impact in the development of art and acts of high international standard. I am also the chief executive for Platinum X Arts and Media Limited, an event consultant media agency company.

Why did you quit the music industry; is it not paying off in Abuja?

I was in the music industry in the early years of the transformation but stopped in 2006 to face personal matters and establish my companies. Sometimes I get the feeling that music, probably, wasn’t my calling because I enjoy more peace at what I am doing now.

You are now into movie production. Many would be quick to say you are into it to make quick money. Why did you venture into movie?

I ventured into it because I discovered that criticizing the movie industry from outside wasn’t the right thing to do. So I decided to get into it and make a difference or improve on the areas that I think we have shortcomings. Even though it is highly capital intensive depending on your standards and what you intend to attain, with time I intend to make a big difference in movie production in Nigeria.

What are the challenges so far?

There are loads of challenges, funds, locations, human factors, lack of supports etc. Nigerians don’t really support financially.  Movies normally have 90 casts so paying all of them isn’t in anyway easy. Movie production in Nigeria requires high level of support both from government and corporate bodies and possibly individuals. So it is quite challenging.

What movie are you working on now and what is it about?

Right now, I am working on a movie titled ‘Strive.’ It is about love, hate and quest. It is the story of two young men and their struggle for survival in the rough environment in which they find themselves where drug deals and armed robbery were the order of the day. Things begin to change as one of the guys decides to take another path and change his ways while the other ventures into working for the most notorious King pin ever known. Both guys are found at cross roads and are torn between making the most important decision that may hurt them forever and the story goes on from there.

Who are the casts and what should viewers expect from the movie?

Bimbo Manuel, Yemi Blaq, Emmanuel France, Bryan Okwara, Kunle Coker, Uru Eke etc

When will the movie be released?

It is still in progress but coming soon. The public should expect a blockbuster.

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