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….Media stakeholders should organise a nation wide protest…

Mr Bola Kusemiju is a media expert and the Deputy Chief of Party at the Nigeria Urban Reproductive Health Initiative NURHI. He is unhappy about the killing of journalists and the levity with which the issue is being treated.

He said, ‘the police that one would expect to solve the problem by arresting the perpetrators of the crime is not forthcoming, It is equally disturbing that the media houses where these journalists work are not concerned about the issue.

The employers of these journalists should keep the issue alive in the newspapers by creating a corner where they can publicise the issue by asking the simple question -”Who killed Journalist X?”

The protest organised by the NUJ in Lagos should be replicated in other cities. The proprietors of newspapers should jointly show their concern by refusing to publish newspapers for one day to draw attention to the issue.

There should also be an insurance policy for working journalists.’

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