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Oritsejafor should be a peacemaker

I listened to the interview granted to the CAN president Oritsejafor by the BBC Hausa Service with great dismay and lamentation. A man leading an organization with such large followers should not utter heinous and unguarded remarks that can lead the country into more chaos, bloodshed and violence.

He dishearteningly threatened to retaliate the violence against Christians and churches. It is well known that not all Muslims faithful are in support of the purported and alleged attacks in churches and killing of Christians in the country. The Sultan of Sokoto along with religious leaders in the North has openly condemned the attack, but the CAN president is still blaming them for not taking action to stop the sect from attacking Christians. Indeed, it is doubtful if all the attacks are really carried out by the invisible Boko Haram, as there was a man who was a Christian that was recently arrested camouflaging as Muslim and trying to set fire to a Church. Sadly, Muslims were attacked in Jos on Sallah day by some unscrupulous Christians, but Oritsejafor had up to now never condemned the attack. Oritsejafor threats should be taken seriously the authorities because his threat can incite his followers to attack Muslims, especially where they are minorities.

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