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Namadi Sambo and the G-20 day dream

In a speech delivered by Vice-President Namadi Sambo at Oxford, United Kingdom, he suggested that Nigeria should be admitted to the G-20 group of nations, arguing that Nigeria being the most populous black nation in the world, in addition to our contribution to regional peace keeping missions through ECOMOG, makes us deserving of such recognition.

We really need to wake up from our slumber and stop tagging ourselves as the giant of Africa. Being a giant is most times not a blessing but a curse. In the race to greatness, giants are always left behind. Curiously, South Africa is a member of the G-20.There is only one way we can get there and that is by having visionary leaders and by being honest with ourselves and being resourceful, conscientious and realistic. The G-20 was created as a response to both the financial crises of the late 1990’s and to a growing recognition that key emerging market economies were not adequately included in the core global economic discussion and governance. Some of the aims of the G-20 are reduction in the abuse of our financial system, combating terrorist financing and also setting international standards of dedication and transparency through examples set by member countries. The recent happenings in Nigeria are antithetical to the goals and aspirations of the G-20.
Also our cosmetic and selective fight against corruption is not helping matters, from the streets where police men collect or more appropriately demand for bribe in broad day light, to our government circles where corruption has become an epidemic. The only way we can get to the G-20 is on merit just like all the other member countries.  Our government needs to channel its energy on using our oil wealth to improve our economy, make our industries work, revive our agricultural sector, provide infrastructures, good roads, housing, water, power and most importantly create a peaceful environment for mutual co-existence and investment.
What the vice president should note is that the G-20 is called the G-20 because they have only 20 member countries, so  by lobbying for a place, I wonder which country will be delisted to admitted Nigeria? All the members got there on merit, and that is the only way our darling country can get there. As it stands today, only two things are working perfectly in Nigeria: The sun and the moon.
Abubakar Widi Jalo wrote from the National Assembly Complex, Abuja

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